Trial Q&As

How many swimmers will you be trialling?

We have up to 30 places at each trial – this is so we can give proper attention to the swimmers in front of us. Once we reach that number we will close the list. If you can offer us alternative dates on the list that would be great.

How will the process work?

Fill in the form and let us know which session(s) you can do. We will be in touch to confirm which session you have been allocated. We will give you contact details for any issues you may face.

When the day arrives, just bring your child to swim! We will show them what they need to do.

Where will the trials be held?

Trials will be held at Ernest Bevin College, Tooting, SW17 7DF. Please use the sports complex entrance which is through the car park.

Registration is at 11.45, swimming will start at 12.00 and we aim to finish at 13.00.

What are the trials looking for?

Our experienced coaches will be looking for all fundamentals needed for an entry level to a competitive swimming. The coaches will not assess the speed but will look for technically competent swimmers who have the ability to swim for 60 minutes n in a Leander training session. Swimmers will need to demonstrate the basics of all 4 strokes for a minimum distance of 25m, competitive starts of the blocks and tumble turns. If you are not sure have a look at our video.

Can parents/guardians stay and watch?

Yes, there are bench seats along the side of the pool. It’s important to allow your swimmer to focus on the trial though. You may want to wait outside – there is space – if you think it will work better for them.

What do we need to bring?

Competitive swimming training kit – fitted trunks for boys (not board shorts), one-piece costumes for girls (not bikini), a swim hat, goggles.

What if my child is really nervous?

We train swimmers to compete and nerves are fine. They’re part of a swimmer’s life. Tell them to focus on what they’re asked to do and do their best.

What is my child is ill on the day?

Please use your judgement. If it’s simply a matter of feeling a bit under the weather, please still attend. Tell the team when you arrive. If it’s not possible to swim (your child has a temperature) please contact us as soon as possible to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your child at a later date, but we cannot guarantee this will be possible.

Do you have a sibling policy?

No. Leander is a competitive swimming club and decisions are made on ability.

What if my child is just older than this age bracket?

If you feel your child is good enough to trial having watched our video, but they are just older than 9, then please get in touch.

What if my child is not selected?

We will give you feedback on the day. Some swimmers who are near the mark may be recommended to the Academy section of the Club. Or it may be a case of developing skills and coming to a future trial.

What if my child is selected?

We will send you a formal invitation to join the club with details of swimming times. We will also ask for a commitment from parents//guardians to volunteer time to help run the club. This is flexible but important, as we’re entirely administered by volunteers.