Graduation to and continued membership of all Squads will depend on swimmers satisfying the criteria below and upon the coach’s invitation to join the Squad.

Swimmers are expected to follow the designated annual squad competition programme and enter events as agreed with their coach.

Swimmers must make themselves available for team events and relays if required.

Information about fees.

Training sessions this week

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Swimmers should:

  • Be on poolside, ready to swim fifteen minutes before the session starts and carry out dry land warm up and blood flow on poolside as directed by the coach.
  • Bring the correct equipment (see kit list)
  • Bring a full water bottle

Squad criteria

The core age of the squad will be 10 to 11. However, the age range is 9 to 12 to cater for some late maturing swimmers and those swimmers who picked up swimming later and show potential. Some 9 year olds with excellent skill levels and maturity may also be invited to join this squad.

Attend at least 4 sessions a week. Those hoping to move up to Gold Squad should attend 5-6 sessions per week.

Training Ability

  • 8×100 FC on 2′ maintaining good technique and pace below 1’50
  • 6×100 IM on 2’15 with good technique in all 4 strokes including legal turns
  • 200 FC kick under 6′

Membership of ALL squads works on a three month probation period, where swimmers will be assessed against the criteria for each particular squad.

Illness or absence

Please use the form to inform your coach of any absence due to illness or other commitments. Please state your child’s name, squad and a brief reason for absence. If a fuller explanation is needed, arrange to speak to the coach before or after a session.

If a swimmer is late to a session, they should not enter the pool until told to by the coach, who will explain the warm-up and allocate a lane.

If a swimmer feels unwell during a session they should tell the coach straight away. They must not stay in the changing room as the coach must be aware of which swimmers are in the building.


Information is sent via the Silver Squad rep – please ensure we have an up-to-date email address.

Finally …

Leander is a community-based sports club, run by volunteer parents drawn mainly from the senior swimming squads. We cannot function without you – any offer of help, no matter how small, is always appreciated. Thank you.
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