Squad fees

Squad fees from 1 September 2015 comprise the following:

Annual membership £60* – payable on acceptance of your place in the squad team and due by October 1st. Previously, the annual fee was spread monthly with the training fee, but this year it was decided to separate this component and raise it as a one-off charge at the beginning of the season.

The Annual Membership fee enables Leander to meet its obligations as a member of ASA, the English national governing body for swimming. We subscribe to the Swim 21 scheme, the ASA’s quality mark for clubs, and our swimmers must be registered (renewed yearly on 1st October) with the ASA to be fully insured and entitled to compete in Open Meets. Further information about the ASA.

Monthly squad fees due by 5th of each calendar month, as a Standing Order.

Bronze: £60

Silver:  £65

Gold:  £75

Platinum Blue: £75

Platinum Yellow: £85

Fitness:  £35

*(annual membership fee for Fitness squad is £15, as Fitness swimmers are ASA members for insurance only and do not swim in galas)