Regional Youth Championships 2017

Leander at London Region Youths 2017Head coach Martin writes: This meet is the peak of the season and the focus of our top squads’ training over last 9 months. 20 Leander swimmers qualified this year (up from 8 last year). We also entered 6 relay teams.

On day 1 Leander swimmers collected 4 medals, 2 of them gold. Congratulations to our new 2017 Regional champions:

  • Imogen Marcar in 15y old 200 Breaststroke
  • Kirstin Harvie in 15y old 50 Fly, in a new club age group and All-time open record

And congratulations to 2017 Regional medallists:

  • Jordan Sydney-Darling second in 15y old 200 BS
  • Kirstin Harvie third in 15y old 400 IM

There was a Leander swimmer in every individual event final.


  • Boys finished 13th in their 4×100 FC relay with a new club record by over 13 seconds and nice new PB’s for all 4 boys.
  • Girls finished 5th in 4×100 FC relays also in new club record by 10 seconds and 3 individual PB’s (12th last year)

The club took a further 4 medals on day 2. Our individual medalists were

  • Jordan Sydney-Darling third in 15y old 400 IM
  • Kirstin Harvie in 15y old second in 100 Fly and third in 200 IM

Again there was a Leander swimmer in every event final.


  • Boys 4×200 FC (Tymek, Jake, William and Joseph) came 12th and set new club record by 23 seconds and set 3 new individual PB’s
  • Girls 4×200 FC (Lily C, Enerel, Suzannah and Lucy) won bronze medal and also achieved a new club record, 2 new individual PB’s

On day 3, again there was a Leander swimmer in every event final but one. In the relays, the Boys 4×100 Medley relay (Jake, Jordan, Jack, Tymek) came 12th in new club record, while the Girls 4×100 Medley relay (Suzannah, Imogen, Kirstin, Lucy) came 6th in new club record.

Overall result:

  • A club record number of swimmers – 20 – qualified
  • 16 swimmers progressed into at least one final
  • Record number of medals – 8, (2 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze)
  • Our first relay medal – girls 4×200
  • All relays set new club records
  • 3 All Time Open Club Records broken
  • 16 age group Club records broken
  • 56 Personal Best Times

Top performers of the Championships:

  • Top female performer in 15y old category – Kirstin Harvie
  • 15y old Mia Lee-Leslie – 10th place
  • 17&over Megan Whittaker – 7th place
  • Top Male performer of the championships:
  • 17&over Tyler Podmore – 5th place
  • Leander Relay girls teams (3 relays) came third best performer (Lucy, Lily C, Enerel, Imogen, Kirstin, Suzannah) out of 18 teams.

Prize for best ‘show off’ Time of the championships goes to Enerel for 200 FC in 2:22.22

View more photos of the championships.

View the full results.

The results come only through hard work and consistency. And this year’s results are evidence of our swimmers’ hard work, determination, sacrifice, strong will power and team work.  All backed up by parents sacrificing their time, the support of club volunteers and the expertise and passion of our coaches.

I’d love to thank all coaches – Antonio for the success of Blue squad this year, Lucy and Aymeric N who took some some Blue and Yellow sessions, and Jack who looks after the strength and conditioning of these athletes.

Thanks to all parents for giving up their weekend and volunteering – look forward to seeing you at the age group championships!


Club Records broken:

  • Tyler Podmore. (18) 100m BK. 1.02.66, Breaking Joe Crutwell’s record held since 2006 and is now All Time Leander Open Age Record Holder.
  • Jake Wood  (14)  100m BK  1.08.33, Breaking Jacob Snowden’s record held since 2008.
  • Megan Whittaker (16)  400m IM.  5.22.77
  • Megan Whittaker (16)  200m BR  2.57.08
  • Kirstin Harvie  (14)  50m FL   00.28.72  and is  All Time Leander Open Age Record Holder.
  • Jordan Sydney-Darling. (15)  400m IM.  5.07.77
  • Jake Wood  (14). 50m BK  00:31.92
  • Tyler Podmore  (18)  50m BK.    00:28.58
  • Mia Lee-Leslie  (15)  50m BK.    00:32.86
  • Mia Lee-Leslie  (15). 100m BR.  1.19.64.
  • Megan Whittaker (16)  100m BR.  1.22.02
  • Kirstin Harvie (14)  100m FL.   1.05.73   Breaking Louisa Farrer-Fisher’s record held since 2005 and is now All Time Leander Open Age Record Holder.
  • Mia Lee Leslie  (15)  50m BR.  00:3638
  • Kirstin Harvie    (14)  200m FL.  2.34.91
  • Megan Whittaker  (16)  200m FL.  2 32.74
  • Jack Aeron Thomas (15) 200m Fly 2:18.21, breaking Tim Higginson record since 2005 

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