We sell the items listed below from our shop at Ernest Bevin College MOST Saturday mornings from 9-11am. Remember, you must wear a Leander hat and either a club t-shirt or T-bag when you compete! For most other items we recommend using the link to ProSwimwear above.


You can order a onesie online

For some items (e.g. long fins) you’ll need to use this link to Swimshop. If you register with Swimshop, quote this discount code: REWARD-6137-M0V39-EAKN to get a 5% discount and earn cash back for the club.

See the kit list for squads.

For more information please contact our volunteer shop manager, Natalie.

Junior kickboard
Finis Alignment Kickboard, £14
Junior pull buoy, £5
Skipping rope, £3.50
Finger paddles
Speedo Bio Fuse, £8
Ankle bands, £3
Finis Dryland Cord, £23
(yellow, lightest weight, green, medium weight)
Exercise tubing, 2m light weight, £3.50
Speedo speed sockets, £10
Speedo Merit Mirror/Merit, £12
Speedo Junior Biofuse, £12
Leander Hats, £5
Blue for squad swimmers
White for academy swimmers
Leander swimsuits, £17
Leander jammers, £15
Leander pool shirt, £15
(to be worn poolside at galas)
Leander Rucksack, £25
Leander Holdall, £28
(Out of stock)
Finis Mesh bag (useful to take kit poolside), £8
Leander Swim/Competition Bag, £6.