Brighton Tom Hanley Meet report

Head Coach Martin writes: Twenty two Leander swimmers took part in this high level meet on the south coast. Many families decided to travel on Friday night and make it a nice little break away from London staying in the beautiful seaside town over the weekend.

Swimmers achieved 62 personal best times, 16 new Surrey qualifying times and collected 12 medals (equal 4 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze). The meet was very friendly and ran smoothly with no delays! On Sunday morning there were “skins” in 50 Freestyle, a very exciting way of racing head to head. Aymeric progressed into the 4th round with only three other swimmers remaining.

The top club trophy went to Guildford. Even with our small team, Leander fared very well and came 7th out of 23 clubs. Read the full results.

Christmas Challenge 2014 completed

XmasChallDetailCoaches Matt, Emily and Martin have prepared some hard (but fun) challenges for swimmers this festive season. Challenge 1 on Tuesday 23rd December consisted of an entire Olympic swimming programme. Every distance and every stroke was swum apart from the 1500 free.

Swimmers were asked to swim each race as fast as possible starting with the 800 free then all the other freestyle distances, followed by both 400 and 200 IM. And finally 200 and 100 of each stroke. Many younger swimmers had never done some of these races, but tried hard to complete the challenge total distance – very nearly 3km – in the time available!

Well done Sameer, Bella H, Laila C, Bonnen, Ella AT, Ned, Imogen J, Jack B, Layth, Jack AT, Joseph B, Will, Mia, Imogen, Jemima, Enerel, Kirsten, Bella F and Collette F!

Saxon Crown Christmas Meet 2014 Success

Head Coach Martin writes: Leander swimmers had great success at the last meet of the year bringing home 15 Gold, 16 Silver and 15 Bronze medals. Swimmers achieved many PBs and lots of new Surrey qualifying times. Well done to all, especially those who were not feeling 100 per cent.

We have a few festive training ‘challenges’ for swimmers which should be hard but fun to do over the Christmas break, before we return to full training on 5th January (fingers crossed for the Bevin pool being fixed).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Arena League 2014 Final Round

IMG_0399It seems that all the Gods of pools, traffic, coaches and health were against Leander SC. It started with the pool closure of EB, Martin ill and out of action for days, swimmers succumbing to the flu bug like dominoes.

On the day the ordeal was not over. Late departure on a coach with broken heating and without a sat-nav, a traffic signal failure in Clapham and turning up at the wrong pool meant that we missed the warm up but eventually we arrived and our first swimmers went straight onto the starting blocks. Continue reading