Surreys 2015 1st weekend

Head coach Martin writes: Thirty one Leander swimmers took part in the first weekend of the County competition. And we started with a bang bringing home 7 medals, 1x Gold, 2x Silver, 4x Bronze.

Our medallists were:

  • Bella Hodges 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Sandor Apponyi 1 Silver
  • Christo Chilton 2 Bronze
  • Imogen Marcar 1 Bronze

Leander swimmers also achieved

  • 25 Final places
  • 65 PBs out of 97 swims
  • 16 Regional QTs

This placed us at 10th place with 99 points.

Regional qualifiers from Surreys to date: Bella, Kirstin, Mia, Megan, Imogen, Sandor, Jules, James Webster, Alex Archer, Cecilia, Reese.

It was great to see some of the parents volunteering, as these championships cannot run without you. However, as the club with the 5th highest number of qualifiers we should try harder to help and spread the load with other clubs. The organisers hope to see more Leander faces on poolside in next two weekends.

Read the results so far.

High Wycombe Sprint Meet

Kate and Caroline write, with photos by Sarah W: An intrepid troupe of Leander swimmers ventured out early into the pre-dawn gloom of a cold and frosty February morning to attend the High Wycombe Sprint Meet. The first nail-biting question of the day was would swimmers actually get to the starting blocks? A lorry fire had closed part of the M40 and traffic was grinding to a standstill. Luckily some nifty manoeuvrings by expert Leander parent-chauffeurs meant that all swimmers made it to the pool on time.

For some swimmers this was their first chance to race in a 50m pool and everyone soon got into their stride. A great team-spirit prevailed with swimmers encouraging (and being encouraged by) their team mates. Everybody swam well and some heats were very close indeed with the lead changing in the final moments.

There were plenty of medallists; some hard-won 4th places, and an admirable clutch of PBs. In total Leander won 9 gold medals, 10 silver and 20 bronze and took home the trophy for Top Visiting Club to boot. Well done to all swimmers who took part. The trophy will be taking pride of place in the trophy cabinet soon.

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High Wycombe Day Two – Distance Meet

Sunrise… Sunset
Day two of the High Wycombe Weekender began with a beautiful sunrise that heralded the start of a sparkling winter’s day. Indeed at times, the sun shone in through the big glass windows so dazzlingly and the light bounced off the pool water with such intensity, that swimmers, spectators, coaches and officials could all have done with wearing sunglasses!
10 swimmers competed in this arduous distance meet. For some it was their first experience of racing in a long course pool and for many their first attempt at distance events. All acquitted themselves admirably, especially those who swam both the 400 and the 800 free in the same day. The swimmers really enjoyed themselves and Leander came away with one bronze medal and PBs across the board. All in all a positive day rounded off by a stunning sunset!

Winter Party Night

Leander had a great party last Friday. All our swimmers, and even some brave parents hit the dance floor to the slamming tunes of our master DJ. Fabulous food and a fun evening had by all!
Sue, who did a truly fantastic job organising the party wrote: A massive thank you to all of you who helped tonight and in the preparation to an amazing party.  A special thank you to Sarah White who prepared so much of the food, a superstar. Ruth was brilliant with the raffle. The list of those to thank is so large, so basically thanks to all of you who helped me.



Brighton Tom Hanley Meet report

Head Coach Martin writes: Twenty two Leander swimmers took part in this high level meet on the south coast. Many families decided to travel on Friday night and make it a nice little break away from London staying in the beautiful seaside town over the weekend.

Swimmers achieved 62 personal best times, 16 new Surrey qualifying times and collected 12 medals (equal 4 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze). The meet was very friendly and ran smoothly with no delays! On Sunday morning there were “skins” in 50 Freestyle, a very exciting way of racing head to head. Aymeric progressed into the 4th round with only three other swimmers remaining.

The top club trophy went to Guildford. Even with our small team, Leander fared very well and came 7th out of 23 clubs. Read the full results.

Christmas Challenge 2014 completed

XmasChallDetailCoaches Matt, Emily and Martin have prepared some hard (but fun) challenges for swimmers this festive season. Challenge 1 on Tuesday 23rd December consisted of an entire Olympic swimming programme. Every distance and every stroke was swum apart from the 1500 free.

Swimmers were asked to swim each race as fast as possible starting with the 800 free then all the other freestyle distances, followed by both 400 and 200 IM. And finally 200 and 100 of each stroke. Many younger swimmers had never done some of these races, but tried hard to complete the challenge total distance – very nearly 3km – in the time available!

Well done Sameer, Bella H, Laila C, Bonnen, Ella AT, Ned, Imogen J, Jack B, Layth, Jack AT, Joseph B, Will, Mia, Imogen, Jemima, Enerel, Kirsten, Bella F and Collette F!