National Arena League 2016 Round 1

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Head Coach Martin Jurco writes: A step up from last year and we claimed a very important result against strong and experienced teams. A strong Watford team were always ahead but the fight for the second place was always changing. Leander fought back from 7th after 18 events to 3rd after 26 events, and only edged ahead of Saxon Crown with 10 events to go. Very exciting!

Our team is getting better every season. Galas like these build team spirit: the children race super hard for each other, learning valuable lessons about sportsmanship along the way. A few swimmers were unavailable but those who stepped in made themselves proud, laying strong claims for places in future rounds.

The final result was: Watford 277, Leander 246, Saxon Crown 233

Leander swimmers claimed 8 first, 7 second and 9 third places. Read more information and results on the National Arena League website.

Lesson for all our younger swimmers ….you are as fast as swimmers in any other club when it comes to pure swimming. Improving your skills (starts, relay takeovers, turns and finishes) will make you much faster. Skills are practised in every training session. Attend, focus, work hard. If one of those are missing you won’t improve.

Parents: if you have not been to one of these league galas before, you do not know what you’re missing! They’re not open meets where you sit around for two days waiting for that 1min swim of your child. They are exciting team events where every race is important, every swimmer is important, the atmosphere is electric, especially for relays – and it’s over in 2 hours. You’ll probably see one of the top swimmers in the country in each age group – very inspiring for our swimmers. Most importantly seeing our team in action will show you what we are about and how much your children love these events, love swimming, love Leander. The photos speak for themselves. We are One Team, One Dream.

Thank you to those supporters who came and cheered us on last Saturday. It was important to have you there. The next round is on Saturday 12th November, venue TBA. The final is on 10th December.

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