Moyce Cup – Dorking, Saturday 9th February 2013

Sophie O’Hearn  writes: A team of Leander’s younger squad swimmers set out for Dorking at the weekend for the Moyce Cup. For many, this was their first experience of a team gala, but their nerves soon settled as they cheered on their team mates.

The Moyce Cup is a time restricted gala which means that each event has a set time – if swimmers go faster than that time, they get a speeding ticket. At one point, Leander was in the lead, which inspired the team so much that loads of them got speeding tickets! By the end, the relay teams were swimming faster and faster and Leander finished in third place.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the swimmers who swam well, behaved beautifully (showing true sportsmanship) and cheered themselves hoarse as they urged their team mates on. Thank you too to Caroline Findlay, Leander’s team manager on the night and to the parents who provided lots of encouragement and volunteered on poolside.

Final results:

  1. Elmbridge Phoenix  – 148 points
  2. Edenbridge – 132 points
  3. Leander- 125 points
  4. Dorking – 105 points
  5. Tonbridge – 101 points
  6. Excel – 82 points

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