Head Coach Report for AGM 2018

Head Coach Report for AGM 2018

Over the last 12 months Leander has enjoyed the most successful year in recent club history. During this time our membership has grown by 30% and we have been able to add three new coaches to the Coaching Team.

This recent success is due to the united vision of the Club leadership, the establishment of clear goals, the hard work of our coaches and our swimmers, and the enthusiasm and commitment of our parent volunteers. It is a simple recipe for success. It is not easy, but it is simple.

Some of our recent best team results:

  • Our Juniors achieved remarkable success against some big clubs coming 5th in the top division of MK Junior League
  • Team Leander won the 1st Division of National Arena League winning every round and gaining promotion to Premier Division
  • Leander swimmers won 29 medals at the 2017 Surrey County Championships

Some of our recent best individual performances:

  • 3 regional champions
  • 6 national qualifiers
  • our first international representation – World Junior Championships qualifier

The performance of our junior swimmers has improved considerably. On the first weekend of the 2018 County Championships Leander junior swimmers won 4 out of 5 Leander medals and broke seven age group club records in doing so.

It will soon be 4 years since I joined Leander as Head Coach. It has been an incredible journey; challenging but enjoyable in many ways. Remembering where the club was in 2014 makes me proud of what we have achieved together in a relatively short time.

In 2014 Leander was unable to field a team to compete in the National Arena League. Leander finished mid-table in the Surrey Championships, had few regional qualifiers and no national qualifiers.  Four years on and I am happy to say we are in a different place entirely.

Our results have been achieved due to our emphasis on the process – with clear goals in mind. It is the process which we value the most and provides the values which we instil in our swimmers. As well as coaching swimming we teach swimmers the value of hard work, perseverance and team spirit. These are the reasons why so many people choose Leander. We continue to offer a training programme which creates champions in swimming and in life.

There is one crucial ingredient which distinguishes us from other swimming clubs and makes us successful. It is the readiness of the Club to change and evolve. The changes introduced over last 4 years were introduced in stages. Each change allowed and encouraged further growth and development.

Our recent success is the result of club restructure implemented in June 2015. One season was all that was needed to show the results of this improved club structure. The most recent change in September 2017 went further still with the introduction of clearly defined development pathways, better utilisation of our facilities and coaches, and the carefully managed increase in the club capacity. We are now able to offer our swimmers a top-class training programme.

Our main short term goal is to consolidate the gains due to this restructuring – and we will begin with the squad moves planned for June 2018. Our goal is to fill the club close to its capacity by September 2018. On the performance level we will aim to become firmly established as a Premier Division Club in the National Arena League and will therefore be ranked among the best clubs in the region. Another goal is to be the most successful sports club in Wandsworth.

I very much look forward to coming 12 months working together towards these goals to make Leander an even better club.

Martin Jurco
Head Coach

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