Swimmer development

Leander Swimming Club at Crystal PalaceThe development of swimmers to their full individual potential is an important factor and we achieve this by ensuring all swimmers have access to the appropriate environment at every stage of their career. This is achieved by implementing Long Term Athlete Development model within our club. This is based on the Long Term Athlete Development Model (also called LTAD).


Designed to encourage life-long participation in sport, this model lays out specific activities and training at the key stages in a young person’s development.

Research undertaken into training of young athletes, and shows how coaches can make a real difference by tailoring training programmes according to developmental stages to meet the needs of individual athletes.

Leander supports swimmers with land training sessions because strength training is proven to increase speed, power, agility, plyometric ability and endurance. It also helps prevent sports related injury.

Scientific research has identified that it takes at least 10 years, or 10,000 hours of purposeful, meaningful and deliberate practice for athletes to achieve sporting excellence. There are no short cuts!

The coaching programme is athlete-centred and designed to ensure there are no barriers to success. The coaches endeavour to train, teach and motivate young people to achieve their highest potential in swimming, in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them in the future.

Leander Swimming Club at Crystal PalaceThrough excellence in swimming they will be learning life-long skills in time management, goal setting, and goal achievement.

But, it is not just about being the best, it is about each swimmer becoming his or her best! We believe we have a place for anyone who desires to become the best swimmer he or she can be.

“Our coaches don’t just coach swimming. We teach our swimmers to train hard, race hard and to have fun while doing it.”
Jack Lynch, Coach

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