Martin Jurco – Head Coach

Leander Head Coach Martin Jurco

What inspired me to swim?

I have loved being in the water ever since I can remember.

And I loved being part of a swim team with all the training, camps, travel and competitions. I view swimming as a team sport. Swimmers train, travel and compete together as a unit. Without individuals there is no team and behind every individual there is a huge support team (team mates, coaches, support staff, parents). Every individual success is also a team success and vice versa.

My coaching experience

My first coaching experience was when I was 18 at my home club in Slovakia. I moved to the UK in 2000 and continued with teaching and coaching in various clubs in different coaching positions for different levels of swimmers, from the very young to Olympians. I also coached in Italy and the USA, and have been coaching at England Talent Camps since 2011.

What I like about Leander

The club feels like a family that includes swimmers, coaching team, volunteers and parents of our swimmers. That’s where our motto came from: One Team, One Dream.

My goals

To work with everyone at Leander to create an environment where champions are inevitable.