Aymeric Nichet

What inspired me to swim?

I have always liked to spend lot of time in the water, so it was natural for me to swim. I always want to push myself and trying to go beyond my limit. Alexander Popov was my favourite swimmer and a source of inspiration.

My coaching experience

In 2009 I started coaching at Cercle des Nageurs de Lunel. I coached swimmers aged between 8 and 13 and was teaching at Lunel Learn to Swim Academy. When I was at Lunel swimming club, the club grew in size and performance.

I had always in my life the desire to try an international experience, the desire to learn and improve my abilities and learn about new ways of coaching, different sport philosophies and culture. So I decided to move to Switzerland in 2013 to work as head coach at Fribourg Natation. I coached 13 to 20 years old swimmers of national level. Some swimmers reached the final of the Swiss Junior Championship.

What I like about Leander

One team, one dream!

My goals

Help swimmers to become the best swimmer they can, to get the best skills and always push themselves whatever the struggle is.