Aymeric Bouyer

Leander Coach Aymeric BouyerWhat inspired me to swim?

I have always loved swimming and started swimming competitively quite late around 14. It has been a stress relief for me and has helped me a lot in life, including teaching me discipline, teamwork and much more.

My coaching experience

I have been teaching in Academy since 2014 and then started to help with the squads not long after that. Since then I have continued teaching in Academy, and have been assisting with Gold and Silver. I have also been a coach at South London Swimming Club, a master cold water swimming club based at Tooting Bec Lido.

What I like about Leander

Leander swimming club is like a second family, always there to inspire and help you.

My goals

My goals are to pass on my love and passion to the next generation. To use with my knowledge and experience of the sport to help those who want to become great athletes.

What is special about Leander as a club, and as swimmers?

Leander swimmers try hard and push through the hard sets. The committee supports the club with a hard working team of volunteer parents, and that’s why the club works.